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the action in the stands. >> and coming up in sports jim zorn has a statement. and the nats taking on the d'backs and whybo winding road both presented problems of firefighters at the home of peggy. last week flames engulfed her mansion on claim bridge road in upper northwest. ipish live they had difficulty getting water to fight the flames. mayor adrian fenty assisted in finding facts. there were outdated water mains close to the home and the difficulty in assessing fire hydrants. >> the home is 75 years old. there's no side streets to go off of. the streets go all the way tlau on those side streets in either direction. >> the mayor said there could be a problem if there was another fire. these types of neighborhood the fire department may have to start using water trucks to bring more water to the scene. >>> a group of bug lares appears houses in houses in forng a for a rt aiceraden.co there have 1 bee66 such burglaries since january. most of them in the western part of the county. the most recent one was last week. this is the deity ganiche. she's said to bring luck but garlands such as
. but will the redskins be one of them? to quote the musical stylings of asia, only time will tell. jim zorn and jason campbe, sharing a smile at practice. he beginning the third straight season, big expectations for him this season. how about the rookie? well, brian there, number 98, expected to put the heat on opposing quarterbacks. while the coach doesn't want to talk bit, he degrees the fans have a great reason to be excited. >> they have a good reason to be excited. there is a lot of work to do. it is not this -- most excellent performance -- right from the start. we're going to grow and we're going to get better as we go along. >> random thought time, but if there was one guy on the redskins roster i wouldn't want to bother, this would probably be big al haynesworth, 6'6", but we'll have more. >> i still want to play out there earlier, hot out there, running offense. he is going to get tired. and i'm not sure if you watched film before, but when he is tired he taps out. just falls out to the ground, oh my gosh is he hurt? something wrong with him. no he is just giving the guy on the sidelines en
spent four seasons in seattle under jim zorn. so he knows the system here. his best season '06. more injuries today. devon thomas out with a hammy. he and malcolm both missed it. somebody call me when they participate. and defense got the lead, if you offense had to run gassers from sideline to sideline. apparently too many penalties and mistakes for coach zorn's liking. as always, joined by former redskins pro bowler brian mitchell. b, jason campbell defusing the whole thing. if he plays well, and gets multiple offers from multiple teams docks you think he stays here with the redskins after everything goes down? >> i'm sure he was hurt. any time you have a situation like that, and it was two times, not just one you have to be a little bit worried about that. but if it comes down to it, as i say the other day, if the money is right here, he'll be here. then again, he see comfortable here. >> he is. and he needs a little consistency in his life. the offense was running gassers after practice today. that seems to be more evidence that the defense is ahead of the offense. that normal? o
to a big-league best, six games. jim zorn, hosting a party and the skins welcoming fans to the park for an appreciation day. mr. zorn has a message to his guests traveling to ashberg. one way in, one way out, everybody has to be patient. the fans who are going to the park, you'll see guys like number 48, safety chris horton in action, but not everyone will be playing. tovoid injury, the team is holding out nine players, including veterans albert haynes worth, clinton poverty is and santana moss. jim zorn says it's still worth it. >> we'll have a good show, but it's going to be fastth and you may not see the stars really, albert, i'm not going to practice albert tomorrow, okay. he's not going to play. so if you're coming to see albert haynesworth, you'll see him on the sidelines. but you're going to see a lot of great veterans and a lot of good rookies, trying to make this football team -- it will be spirited. >> a lot of fun out at the park today. talking tennis, and thursday night, andy roddick experienced a huge achievement in his career, winning his 500th match. last month, roddy
that kind of camp. better to be safe than to be entertaining. that is jim zorn's philosophy. we'll tell you who's in and who's out for the dress rehearsal. another reason to lauat the cowboys. you'at the cowboys. you'llant to see this. 9 sports coming up. ysi= at suntrust, we help you manage your money at home. and make it easy when you're away. and where ever you go, atm fees won't follow. get back to what really matters switch to suntrust checking today suntrust. live solid, bank solid. the skins would like to see the starts jim zorn says the best way he can show appreciation is keeping the stars healthy. most of his big names will sit out the dress rehearsal. jason campbell will play and zorn says it's still going to be a good show. >> we're going to hold out certain veterans not based on injury just based on we don't need to see them scrimmage, but there's a lot of guys that we do, a lot of guys are fired up about finally getting to really have a live rep and we've see how it goes. >> gates open at 12:00, scrimmage at 2:00. usa preseason coaches pole tim tebow and the gators numbe
of redskins' training camp and the nagging injuries are starting to mount. head coach jim zorn says he's not worried, but he is frustrated. the redskins offense starting line missed practice today, three members, all sitting out because of injuries. >> we're not getting the repetitions that it takes to be cohesive. >> and a site that is far too familiar for comfort, two players were sidelined with hamstring injuries. >> he tried to be smart when you feel things coming on. >> they are nagging strains, so i'm not as concerned about the injuries as i am a lack of work that we get when we are injured like that. >> the redskins signed veteran d.j. hackett, who is familiar with jim zorn's offense. >> he has been trying to get on a team. some guys have not had that fortune to get on a team. now he has a chance. >>> the washington nationals are on a roll, four games in a row. great game against the marlins tonight. cody ross swings, look at ryan zimmerman. the inning is over with that play. to the fourth, christian bluesman -- christian guzmna, that is going to be trouble. morgan makes it home
meteorologist doug hill back with his full forecast. >> i'm at redskins park where jim zorn is trying to keep them fired up as they head towards the dog days of summer. we'll tell you about the $1 million and what is wrong with him, w >> more than two months on a bicycle peddling across america all in the name of arthritis research. >> he started in seattle and is passing through our area here. chris van cleve has more. >> david is a man on a mission, a road trip of sorts stretching nearly 4,000 miles across 14 states over 65 days and he is doing it alone. >> part of this was to kind of go out and encounter america. >> why would a 59-year-old insurance broker from philly use all of his annual vacation plus? to honor his mother marcy. she didas l ntdovember after ensp 15 yeaenrs in a wheelchair because of osteoarthritis, conditions david also suffers from. >> unfortunately, she passed away before i could accomplish the ride, but she had two reactions. what, are you crazy? and i'm really proud of you. >>ma slldladeour smaadll sdle bags on his bike, he has wound his way from seattle across the e
wanted to open their preseason. there were a couple of bright spots. jim zorn talking about them >>> the local tennis facility wher saen serenahttas kid iougta kids theht ge vianonnct e .tion jackie benson reports, officials there say they will fight to ep it open. >> the eviction notice served at the tennis and learning center in the 700 block, mississippi avenue southeast. it states the founding organization, recreation wish list committee has 30 days to vacate the building. the notice so upset founder cora masters berry she choked back tears as she spoke about creating the facility for a public-prite partnership ten years ago. >> this is my reason for living. this is my mission. this is the best job anybody could have. doing things for kidd. we have done a good job of it. >> she is married to but separated from former mayor marion barry. he joined d.c. mayor, at a basketball court dedication. >> cora masters-barry is an amazing contributor to the city. and i am sure that this is probably some legal or technical issue that will be resolved. >> he referred questions to d.c. atto
for ten yards b do not read too much into it. there were things that jim zorn saw last night that gave him confident that jason is ready to go. zorn backed him up saying only one of those attempts was poorly thrown. one of the most impressive performances came from a quarterback you wouldn't expect. the rookie from missouri was fun to watch. he scrambled for 22 yards through two touchdowns. we're at fedex field and jason campbell said he wanted the first team to get points on the board. first play on the game, jason campbell in control, drops back, takes the shot downfield. once he sees his target he went deep but the pass was broken up. campbell went one for seven ten yards. zorn said he had good zegs making. third quarter, rookie quarterback, chase daniel made the most of his first game. connecting with fellow rookie the 6'4" receiver hauled it in. tight end fred davis by the way out of the dog house on special team, punner to punter sends it downfield. look at this. the steelers get it and the ball stripped away by fred davis who had fumbled twice in the first game. he said that feeling
against its former coach. and head coach jim zorn gets hit with questio >>> thousands of studentsn prince george's county started the school year without classes to attend. everything went off well but nearly 8,000 high school students received incorrect or partial schedules. school officials blame the scheduling problem on a computer glitch. they expect the system to be fix and they want all students to report to school tomorrow. >>> theay m horas made good onot issc the but the is the tnstionquwi the tnsenbe enwied hroe llbeav elementary in the arhein t neighborho. in the ily lives with un esdaboth orief west school. s. it is not unusual for students to apply tsc idetshe sloo tirtsr hoors. the spokesperson for theoray mho olhoscch oice, or howgot in in o itgon in order torotte t twins' privacy. andrew and matthew fenty previously attended a montessori school. >>> and the swine flu could affect half the population causing 90,000 deaths. maryland's governor says budget cuts couldffect the ability to fight that virus. the vaccine is expected out in mid-october twoflt million marylanders
. jim zorn is not ready to crown mitchell just yet. he and his staff need one final look. my question is, what more do you need to see? after being the talk of training camp, mitchell is executing in the preseason. two games. second in receiving on the roster with five catches for 61 yards and two touchdowns. ev i'm not alone when i say this. mitchell is aloft to make this team as the fifth receiver. jim zorn says hold your horses. >> it's still a battle going on it's a good question. i'm not sure about that yet. but he's definitely been impressive. he made a couple of really heads up plays. strong catches. another one for a touchdown, which he was excited about. we're all excited about that play. you know, one more game, he's going to be here next week to play again. and, you know, we hope that he continues to show his improvements. >> i'm one of those guys that, like i said, this is my job. i come out here and i bust my tail not only for myself but for the guys -- the other guys that are going to be on the team. if i'm on this team, i'll bust my tail for everybody. they're going to be
and preview. healy, who is playing tonight? >> tell you what. you hit it right on the head. jim zorn offensive guru. he wants everybody playing, everybody is healthy. he wants to see some production. as an offensive g of turu they t score against the ravens. i will leave the starters out. the game plan before all this rain. until they do something. he told me that only takes about a quarter. that would be nice. in this weather they don't want to leave the starters out there too long. the guys wrapped up training camp for the most part. everybody healthy. was not the case last year. tonight should be a very stiff test for zorn's offense. steelers, super bowl champs they had the west defense in the league last year. it showed when they played the redskins. the other thing that showed uppen fuup in full force, a pittsburgh fan. >> preseason game. you know what? we have great fans. i think -- dan, you know wants to continue to show his support and his enthusiasm for this team. for this community. and, you know so i think it is all in good, you know, in good fun. you know? it is -- just, he is comp
. he through six incomplete passes. the final one to santana moss. jim zorn and campbell say they have no worries about the poor start. >> it's the pre-season. we want to take some shots. last week we didn't throw the ball downfield. you like getting a rhythm but tonight is different. we want to come out and take a shot deep. troy made a great play on the ball. take another shot. great coverage. same time as taking the shot. >> i try and look to see one for seven and all that kind of stuff but, again, i thought jason did a nice job getting us into the right play. he had several good audibles. >> jim zorn excited to see what jason campbell can do this friday against the patriots. the redskin defense at times was smothering. they were thrilled in what they saw in brian orapo. he's been the earning techniques in his transition to linebacker. he keeps on impressing his teammates especially the coaches. last night number 98 the defensive end slash linebacker made several tackles. orakpo has played both positions in the first two games and admits he's still getting used to playing a new posi
. offensive tackle. jeremy bridges sprained his ankle. jim zorn said he will be okay. zorn was encouraged. the offense took center stage. jason campbell got a rock star reception today. campbell waving to the thousands of fans at the park. in their opening series. they failed to get into the end zone. recent acquisition, dj hackett. a catch. the 6-year veteran had an impressive afternoon. also, a high light of the day. hometown favorite. marcus mason at fullback. a sweet one-handed grab. slly adjusting to the position change. trying to make an impact wherever he can. >> each year. take it to next level. that's what i am trying to do. you know, with guys, they are helping me out. >> ball is coming your way. you have to make the plays. good to be noticed. >> as a receiver you can't control anything. when the ball comes to you. >> for the most part. thought we did well. move the ball down the field. should have converted. but there are some things, that can go back to correct that. for the most part. we move the ball. >> the turnovers. >> jason, the offense. making progress. one area that th
and rogers resting a shore hamstring. today's practice featured an unusual drill. the author was not jim zorn but danny smith, the special teams coach. he used volleyball to simulate punts. players better excel at these drills if they have any shot of making the 53-man roster. >> they have to. that's their role. it just -- really, nothing against marcus mason, if thursday the third or fourth back, portis is coming out and when la dell gets in somebody else is coming. where are you going to get the reps. the reps come on special teams. it is a way to get on the field and so yeah we are running them all the time with young people. >> reporter: one guy who is running the job is mitchell. he caught the third quarter touchdown from daniel. the first touchdown of the preseason for the redskins. >>> this is all new to a guy who played wide receiver his whole license going up in alabama and the starring collegeuately in nevada. >> i never played special teams before in my life. so coming here and transitioning and learning the receiver. going to do offense and i turn around and do special teams. that
. jim zorn and the team hit the field preparing for the second preseason game. for the players, marking an unofficial holiday. no more early practices and the players couldn't be happier. >> you have no idea. we can go home, sleep in our own bed. that's going to be a big plus. >> i cried last night. it's over, man. >> i'm going to miss those two- a-days. a whole year. i won't see them. i won't have to shower three times in a span of seven hours or whatever it is. it's pretty sweet. >> quick notes here, chris cooley returned to practice after sitting out yesterday. phillip daniels back on the field today. jim zorn says he expects his first team offense will play a quarter against the steelers or until he sees enough production. we have some sad news tonight involving the washington capitals, the team confirmed that the goalie's two month old son has passed away. the team this afternoon, according to a friend of theodore's. captain george mcafee releasing a statement saying quote, we are aware of the heartbreaking news at this time we ask that everyone respects the privacy of jose and
scored a small victory. jim zorn talks out about his press conference today. we will check in at college park. we have those stories next. >>> right now, we want to bring this to you. this is the motorcade carrying the casket. it has the body of the late senator, ted kennedy, arriving at the u.s. capitol. here his colleagues of nearly 40 years in the senate will pay their final respects along with other government leaders, cabinet members, and just regular folk. as we mentioned earlier, senator kennedy wasn't just a national figure, he was a local guy who lived here in northwest for more than 40 years. a lot of those people will be lining the sidewalks and the biways to bid farewell. now we turn to you. >> in sports. yesterday was uplifting if you are a redskins fan. they had to feel better about what was going on. today, starters have a few extra bumps and bruises after playing their longest minutes last night. if you were a part of the offense, the aches and pains don't matter. jason campbell and company have to be feeling good. with building scrutiny, the quarterback went 4 for 4, le
. it is not a possibility here, but then there's that, like you said -- >> i think jim zorn is telling us 0%. there could be 100% tomorrow. >> exactly. >> even in the off season, there's not a ton of time to slack. players do grueling workouts, doing extensive cardio. from the time they play their last game none of these players have felt, a good hit. when the pads go on, the intensity goes up. >> nothing like a little heat and humidity on the first day of pads. >> i have been off two years. it's tough when it is humid like this and you can't breathe. everybody is trying to battle. >> he didn't slow down rookie, aracpo. in the trenches today. >> finally got my first thud, so it felt good. it's like a huge relief when you are a football player. >> also made a strong first impression on chris ben during team drills. >> a lot of speed and power. he is going to be an awesome player. >> coach zorn used the word promising. but the speed needs to pick up. >> on defense, they moved suddenly. our offense at times did, but not enough. >> the defense was way ahead of the offense today, because as he expl
points and three drives. jim zorn still optimistic. >> 1-7 and all that kind of stuff. again, i thought jason did a nice job getting us into the right play. he had several good audibles. and i got -- i just got to get him more time. this time we'll even give him more time. >> the good news, how about daniel, a long shot to make the team. the rookie from missouri gave the coaching staff present write to think about. s that -- plenty to think about. that's because he led the skins on their only two touchdown drives of the night. he was thedifference in that win. dave feldman chased down chase after the game. >> reporter: was it fun? >> it was a blast, man. finally glad to get out there and throw the ball around, run the ball around, get out there, get dirty, get hit for the first time in a while. it felt good. >> i really liked what chase daniel did with his time in there. he proved that he can scrap and complete passes. he was accurate. >> the defense was much better in week two after giving up 500 yards to baltimore. the boys in burgundy cut that in half and then some. holding the steel
home represents a new beginning. a fresh start, a chance for clinton portis and jim zorn to hug it out. and arapko to figure it out. >> at first i thought i was in trouble, and he would chew me out for something i did. but no, it is a good deal, having fun over here. >> reporter: greg, how is the rookie doing? how are his table manners? >> great, no question he was raised right, he has a lot of class and poise. >> reporter: the coach was not the only one impressed. >> how is brian arapko to sit ne to? >> it is great. >> reporter: but will the redskins be good? the million dollar question, so we went to old school to ask ken harvey. >> you know defense can win games, they can change the outlook of the game, the defense is really strong. >> i think people are jumping the gun. it is just the preseason, we have the offense, taking time and practice. but i think we're on the right track and i think we'll have a very good team this year. >> thank you very much, dave feldman, reminding you the skins open the regular season two weeks from today. you can see more right here on fox 5. thank you
buy gas. >>> later, coach jim zorn in a one-on-one special interview just days before the big face-off against the steelers. >>> we continue to watch for storms that may be looming in our area. bob is back with the full forecast. >>> new credit card rules took effect today. that should offer new protections for consumers. the obama administration is putting the brakes on that popular cash for clunkers program. joining us now to talk about today's developments is cnbc's hampton pearson. talk about these new credit card rules today what changes will consumers notice? >> first of all, consumers are going to be given advanced warning of major changes like interest rate hikes or cuts in their credit limits and more time to pay off their balances. however, the credit card companies are sort of countering by increasing all kinds of fees and higher overhe-limit charges, annual fees, cash advance charges to cite a few examp example. >> claims for jobless benefits jumped unexpectedly last week. the second week, straight week, claims shot up. do analysts think the trend will coinue? >> well,
time, sort of. jim zorn and the redskin >>> encouraging jobless numbers for the month of july. the nation's unemployment rate dipped for the first time in 15 months. employers are cutting fewer jobs. president obama said the figures show the worst of the recession is now behind us. >> martinez is stepping down before the end of his term. he plans to leave office as soon as governor charlie crist finds a replacement. his term ends next year. >>> fairfax county police trying to track down a serial burglar who appears to be targeting homes with a certain decoration display. an eastern religion, she's supposed to bring luck. they were hanging in most of the homes that were burg la rised. >>> many canning up, people planning to ride metro should expect delays. >>> health care forums are turning intohouting matches. >>> and speed cameras going up. >>> details live, problems fighting a massive fire. that house is in northwest washington. the new report says decades old water mains and a narrow winding road caused problems in the effort to fight that fire. tom? >> reporter: jim, the c
head coach jim zorn. we've all heard about the trouble in the housing industry. of a national real estate market, your town, your neighborhood, your home, or the home you'd like to buy, are each unique. the national conversation may not apply at all. if you've been worrying about what your property may be worth, or wondering if your dream home may finally be affordable, ask a re/max agent or go to remax.com. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. >>> i've mad a correlation. nascar drivers lose eight to ten pounds each race because of heat. and redskins and football players in days like this can lose the same amount of heat on the practice field. that's why you always see them rehydrating. the redskins over the weekend had the first real experience hitting, really tackling in their scrimmage on saturday, but that was nothing compared to the batting going on today against the heat. the heat index had already reached 100 degrees. the redskins, though, were toughing it out. let's go back to ashburn. hot weather. it's nothing new for the players, but today it was just ridiculous. of
of devin thomas. as always, jim zorn ving a lot of fun. >>> the postal service is strapped for cash. now it's taking drastic measures, maybe even clo sseome post oic nesnd aond delivery on saturday. re ouraa are on the b.ickoplo nine in the district. in ry fla,ndrou offices are on thlist. in bethesda, heightville and silver springs. tracie potts. >> reporter: many of us are e-mailing so mail carriers are delivering fewer letters and the postal service is losing money. >> post office has to adjust to it or they will go the way of the horse and buggy. >> reporter: even after raising prices, getting rid of mail boxes and cutting work hours, eliminating thousands of jobs and soliciting new businesses online. >> give flat-rate boxes a try. they won't make a $5.5 billio y retiree health payment. >> somebody will pay and that will be the u.s. taxpayer. >> eliminating regular deliver on saturdays and closing nearly 700 postal facilities. >> i won't have a place to come at lunchtime to drop off my mail. very inconvenient. >> we want to keep as many open as we possibly can, but we cannot just sell s
coming up tomorrow night. jim zorn is hoping for perfection. redskins fans, i think, would settle for a touchdown or two from starting offense. the head coach listens to what the fans and pundits say about his team. and him. but he doesn't always like it. he knows, however, winning fixes everything. in part two of my conversation with jim zorn we discussed a variety of topics. including his job security. and his running back, clinton portis. one thing they talk about about with clinton, i mean, 9,200 yards ain't too shabby. a lot of people say he lacks that burst to go the distance. do you agree with that? >> well, he -- you know, he's not the guy that has the four-two speed. once he breaks the line of scrimmage. but i don't think that he's -- i don't think, you know, we are not sitting here brooding over him getting 30 yards. are we? and he has had a lot of care zblees what makes him so dom in an and when you guys watched him on film, it is -- is he a wow player? >> i think he is a wow player. he probably does more things to reek havoc on an offensive line walking scheme be most
the latest news coming out of training camp. >> jim zorn is a wacky unorthodox church. sometimes in week two of training camp, things get monotonous. we'll show you how he was able to break that up when we return. dad, could you help me build a sand castle? sure, pal. let's just find a good spot. [ dramatic music plays ] a big day at the beach with the legendary taste of dunkin' donuts coffee on ice. this looks like a good spot. you kin' do it. america runs on dunkin'. treat urodself tay with an authentic caramel swirl iced latte. with the full flavor of aft mayo with olive oil. with half the fat and calories of hellmann's real mayo, kraft mayo with olive oil is the new standard in mayo >>> one of the world appear first black supermodel has died. naomi sims passed away in newark, new jersey after a long bat we'll breast cancer. this is a picture of her on the cover of cosmo back in 1973. she broke the color barrier when she hit the new york runways in the '60s. she ended up becoming a icon of the black is beautiful movement. she was just 61 years sold. >>> singer chris brown will be sentence
field. find out if jim zorn is worried about his ot >>> an airline pilot was killed, six others seriously injured when their plane skidded off a runway in thailand today. it hit a traffic control tower. 72 people including the crew of the flight were on board. the twin turboprop was flying from another resort in southern thailand. it's not yet clear if any americans were on board. >>> there is opposition tonight here in washington and across the country about whether to put an additional $2 billion into the popular cash for clunkers program. the government is giving consumers up to $4500 to trade in their gas guzzler for a more fuel efficient car. tonight critics are asking if the nation can afford to help more people buy new cars. tracie potts has our report. >> reporter: in st. louis today, protestors tried to disrupt a congress made's news conference touting the success of cash for clunkers. >> the billions we're spending we don't have. we're borrowing it from china. >> reporter: dealers have already claimed more than half the billion dollars in government rebates that was su
drive but it was the backups who stole the show. we're at fed ics field. jim zorn's saying let's play. we need to score some points here, folks. first quarter, the redskins trail. a fade to the corner. marko mitchell leaps, makes the catch. nice play. three yard touchdown. the redskins tied at 10 just like that. mitchell had three catches for 21 yards and that td. fourth quarter now, steelers lead it 13-10. hunter smith punting it away. joe burnett fields it at his own 18 yard line. check out number 86, fred davis. makes the hit, causes the fumble. dale young recovers it. the skins are in business. here we go. ensuing play, chase daniel still in the game. taking his time. had great protection from the offensive line here. drops back, play action, and then hits fred davis in stride for an 18-yard touchdown. fred davis had a good game. chase daniel finished the game 6-8 for 58dsar y and two scores. the redskins win it 17-13 the final. >> i was much more pleased, you know. we ended up converting third downs. we were 1 of 11 a week ago. i think we were 9 of 17 this ga so we definitely imp
information coming out of redskins field tonight. brett. >> yep. jim zorn is on the podium. let's listen in. >> i was very pleased. i thought he came out aggressive. he was accurate. he was real solid with what we had to do on the line of scrimmage and his temple was very good. i think he was excited. >> did you talk this week about wanting to see how the offense would respond if they hit a lull and then responded with a touchdown drive. what was your impression of that? >> that was frustrating because we're playing a good team. but what was great about what we did is didn't get down on ourselves. nobody was down. we just had to find the formula for moving the ball on the ground. we were struggling a little bit early moving the ball in the ground. then we kind of found some of the things we were looking for. we mixed it up with some aggressive pass plays and i thought our receivers did a nice job of separating from offenders. we left a couple out there that we could have had. and so i was pleased with that. we'll look at the video and probably see more. and we had some good play out there t
want to watch this that scrimmage will be on the sideline chilling. jim zorn announced due to injury or general cautiousness he will hold most of the big stars out of tomorrow's scrimmage including portis, moss, haynesworth, hall, thomas, williams, daniels, rogers, griffin, thomas on the upside, campbell will play tomorrow and zorn says it is still going to be a good show. >> you may not see the stars but you will see a lot of great veterans and a lot of good rookies trying to make this football team. it will be spirited. >> looking forward to it. get the competitive juices going, man and get out there and do it. >> on the maybe list for tomorrow's scrimmage is redskins linebacker london fletcher. although with 133 tackles last year i think we feel pretty comfortable with what he is capable of. the entire redskins corps is developed in to one of the most po tent in all of football with the addition of orakpo and the maturation of macintosh entering his fourth year. opponents shall enter the middle of the redskins defense at their own peril. >> definitely want to go out there and domi
. jim zorn talked about what happened after that. >> it was just a big pile. and i heard a little ehh so i noouf something happened. and then tts hire. if he's out because we have to rest him, we'll do that but i don't think it's a major issue. we'll see. i can't tell you what the injury is yet. >> it's scary because that's the first time we almost saw one of our staerts go down. and you talk about guys in trenches in there. it's a little bit tougher. and guys are falling all over the place, so you troo i to stay up as much as possible. the field is a little muddy, guys lose their footing, but it's a scary moment. thank god no one seriously has been injured. >> he hopes that he's able to return healthy tomorrow. hire has had an mri, they're told that it is encouraging. jim zorn says that he will now be day to day. and other newer, randy thomas did watch from the side lines. he's resting a sore knee. casey raw back left practice if a bit because he tweaked his calf. he says it's minor. the redskins also held a special team practice this afternoon and obviously one of the positions they're
to midfield for the first down. trickery by jim zorn. same drive, clinton portis, 11 yards to the pittsburgh 11. cp doesn't like the preseason but liked this. and he wasn't done. on the very next play, portis again. eight yards down to the three- yard line. and then the day would be done. but back to back, ledell betts runs would get nothing. skins would have to set for a 20-yard field goal. washington up 3-0 after the first quarter. still frustrating upon getting in then zone. second quarter, pittsburgh's charlie batch over the middle, hines ward. makes a great catch. 24yards to the redskins' 13- yard line. two players later, willie parker with the 3-yard line for the touchdown. 7-3, pittsburgh takesthe lead. now right before the half, todd collins trying to hurry up offense -- hurries up and makes a mistake. intended for thomas, picked off by ratliff. returned to the steelers' 35. but the steelers would not make the field goal. the steelers led 10-3 at the half. second half the local kid from montgomery county. marcus mason. 18yards to the steelers' 24. marcus 11 carries for 48 yards. same
. the biggest question is the 0- line which has struggled last year and according to jim zorn, the guys they have now, they better not go down. >> we just can't wear out. our starters have to be able to play 16 games and playoffs. >> no pressure. the nats were going down a dangerous road having dropped four straight but josh willingham brought the skids to a stop when he knocked out his 17th of the season in the 7th inning. washington wins 5-3. tiger woods taking another title. fred spunk continuing to make takoma proud park. breaking the tournament record with a 20 total. another woods win. and taking a bad hop on a mascot. all part of the weekly segment from brett, the good, bad and ugly and sometimes the painful as we will show you later in the show what this guy did. that's coming your way in minutes on sports plus. >> jim zorn with a lineman. >> no option. can't go down, can't get hurt. suck it up. >> i think he is saying i don't trust my bench i think is what he is saying. >> he doesn't have a bench. >> you don't have a bench then it is easy. >> he has got that 400-pound guy. >> h
have yet to score a touchdown. jim zorn was asked does that matter? >> yes, it matters. it mattered this week to be down there on the 2-yard line -- excellent drive, just what we're looking for. but we're looking to finish. >> and after rookie chase daniel stole the show, will he also take a roster spot from fan favorite colt brennan? washington went long ball on the brewers and after a week in which the team made mike the permanent general manager, we're looking at that, and more on the stories tonight on sports plus. >> okay so the sports department upstairs hate me because i'm -- a chase fan. >> they're -- >> you can hear dave owen laughing? >> no, i don't think so because nobody in the sports department went to hawaii or auburn. you're fine. you can root for chase daniel. >> i am just not a fan of ma -- >> all right, one look at the seven-day forecast. we have nice weather coming up for the beginning of the work- week, lots of kids going back to school. no problems for the commute, bus stops great, humidity going down. that is the big thing you will notice. a chance of thunder
this preseason have not distinguished themselves. head coach jim zorn ss what he wants to see from the office on friday is consistency. >> i want to see a sustained drive, i want to see as push it in when we get down to the three-yard line. those are the things i want. not getting down when something happens bad, coming back up, concentrate, make the adjustments. >> we want to show what we are capable of. i think we have the tools. now it is on us to get going. >>> an old friend of the redskins will be returning to washington friday night, coming out of the opponents locker room. shawn springs is now planned for the patriots. iquarterback jason campbell says they're looking for the meeting up with springs. >> i saw him at a tennis match a couple weeks ago and he said i cannot wait to play against you. i said, all right, if you play. it is preseason. >>> the redskins a brand new punter coppersmith spoke today about what will be a big obstacle -- a brand new punter at hunter smith spoke about the brand new obstacle at texas stadium. the $25 million scoreboard hangs over the middle of the field
you play hard. >> we'll watch tomorrow so following thursday's flat performance the coach jim zorn says it's time to step it up. during practice, watch this between defensive back deangelo hall the two went at each other one-on-one throughout the practice and the coach says the intensity will pick up through the rest of practice. hall says it's good for him and the young wide-outs. >> we got to be better, point blank. we got to go up there, watch the film and try to find a way to get better and they did a good job competing back a forth. he made a play, i made a play. >> they goto get better. last thursday wasn't all that great. day one ton new job for michael vick his first nfl practice in two years back under center running the eagles scout team as they prepare for their next preseason game and coach andy reid says vick should be comfortable with the system but will probably take time to get back into football shape. >> it's fortunate he knows the foundation of the offense. that will help speed this up. but the actual throwing and running and all those things that he does is goin
at their annual luncheon in tysons. they mingled with their admirers. the main speaker today, jim zorn. he said bull is lofty, a trip to the super bowl. -- he said the goal is lofty, a trip to the super bowl. a m. the nfl is hard, everybody is going for the same thing. our players have dere and perseverance and they're committed to being excellent on the football field. we're just are not. >> we will be watching. >>> washington nationals received bad news, the season is over for one of the team's spark plugs, morgan. the first inning, he is safe, but he breaks his hand on the base. ouch. the good news, the nationals had at the long ball working tonight. adam dunn, 34th of the season, beating the cubs. >>> the orioles back home with a heartbreaker at camden yards. he isery big and strong. opposite field, the fly ball keeps flying. four-three, top of the ninth, a runner on. the pitch goes over the left- field fence. have you ever seen a thin so excited? -- have you ever seen a fan that so excited markakis strikes out with the tying run on third. >>> turner field, bases loaded for chipper jones. t
according to coach jim zorn. he says there is still a lot of work to do. >> it is a lot -- it is a learning situation for these guys. they need to kn the difference between injury and the difference of just being sore. that is something they are working out. you have to listen to the trainer's and you have to listen to your own body. >>> how about the washington nationals? >> how about them? >> they are on fire, this afternoon putting together an unbelievable comeback. they fell behind six runs early to the florida marlins, but declined all the way back in the eighth inning. belliard puts the team had to stay, guzman is safe. ryan zimmerman steps to the plate and seals the deal. belliard scores and zimmerman and up on third. i cannot say enough, five road. >> -- five in a row. >> i think we're just plain better. we need to step up our game and we have done that and hopefully we will continue. >> did i say five and a row? five and a row. >>> the orioles not have the same block. the tigers beat the orioles, 7- 3. >>> back to work under the stars for an erotic, the legg mason classic. -- andy
today. head coach jim zorn called the defense soft after 500 yards of offense to the ravens in the preseason. can't give that much offense up and win. zorn says result of inexperience. >> we had a lot of young guys who understand now being in shape and condition is a premium. being able to play full speed. we have to be able to do that. and it takes its toll. and then -- adding all that up. i mean we gave up 500 yard almost, we gave up 500 yards of offense to their team. and that can't happen. >> no it can't. and the other football. go time for d.c. united. with ten left in the regular season. black and red sit in third place in the eastern conference. one point ahead of toronto, d.c. united played this afternoon. said the united rookie. we need to go to toronto and handle our business. d.c. united fans. they travel pretty well. north of the border there. 30th minute. on the attack. cross, into the box. check out dwayne derosario. josh wick frozen. the ninth of the season. toronto up 1-nil. second half. off the corner kick. passes it back to o'brien white. well, the hero her
the red skins would look to see some progress. especially on offense. jim zorn says he will play his starters until he sees something good against the steelers saturday night. he is hoping that doesn't take more than a quarter. training camp no picnic. zorn cognizant. keep his guys fresh and healthy. he had shorter practices. he would let some of the veterans banged up. practice once a day. which is much appreciated by the players. now we have to see if the philosophy pays off. mikefident it will. now he has to celebrate the end of camp. >> cold tub. nice beer the what do you do after the last two a days. >> i forgot what beer tastes like. it's been so long since i had one. but it's nice, man. it was, a great -- coach took great care of us. gave us a lot of tomb ofime off. to recuperate. gave us the night off. one of the best i have been in. >> my experience. i have been through some. not so hard camps. some tough camps. this was, between level -- one to ten, ten being the highest. level six. level five. >> carr. the rookies did not like this. nearly a dozen newbies had to wait to ce
practicing as a fullback for the last three days, something jim zorn wants him to do more of. >> you know, he's pretty much taught me the more he can do the better. that's why i'm trying out for fullback now. i think it's working out. >> reporter: are you comfortable in that spot? >> i'm getting there. i've only done it for three days. i'm getting there. >> all right. we're in canton, ohio for the hall of fame indungs ceremoctio ceremony. smith racked up a record 200 sacks in 19 seasons. smith is a first ballot hall of famer. >> in the beginning i had no desire to play football because my first love was basketball. mygility and speed on the court convinced my coaches and friends like andre that i would be stellar in football. after much duress, i surrendered and decided to give it a true. >> we are, too. very nice. a class act inducted into the pro football hall of fame tonight. turning to tennis, three-time champ andy roddick would have to complete a tall task, chop down 6'9" john isner at the fitzgerald tennis center. roddick had his hands full tonight. first set tiebreaker. roddick in the
. starting at 7:30. the first jim zorn show before the game at 7:00. post game coverage continues right after the game. lindsay and i from the field. live interviews and -- hear from the coach and the guys in the locker room. >> nice to see some offense. >> out would wouldn't it. [ inaudible ] >>> up next the hybrid that gets >>> the mayor of milwaukee is out of the hospital. after the weekend attack. going to the aid of a grandmother and granddaughter. all near the wisconsin state fair. the mayor's hand is broken. he lost some teeth and has gashes on his hand. he says he can't really talk about it. >> a few car dealerships have stopped offering cash for clunkers rebates. they're worried about getting their money back from the government. the dealers have to pay the rebates out of their own pocket before getting a check from the government. the program is popular with consumers, but some dealers say they're facing a cash crunch. because the reimbursement requests have not gone through. today transportation secretary. ray lahood assures dealers they will be paid. the agency responsible for pro
. >> jim zorn and the skins back on the practice field tomorrow. in three full seasons on the pga tour, fairfax native steve marino has won nearly $5 million but yet to win a tournament. that change this weekend at the barclays. if he snags his first wirkt, he would earn $1.3 million. the feeling would be priceless. tiger woods began the day eight shots off the pace but mes a charge. here on number 16, his approach from 124 yards out is headed left. check this out though. that's what you get when you're tiger woods. lucky bounces. it rolls within ten feet of the cub. tiger is like, yeah, i know i'm good, uh-huh. he would part hole and finish five shots behind steve marino. this is his tee shot. it's a good one. he'll love it. the ball lands past the whole and then pulls it back here. he would birdie. putting for birdie on 16, got it. marino birdied three of his last five who else and 9 under par going into tomorrow's final round. soccer tonight, d.c. united taking on chicago. tom stoning his first game since being
. get things going on the series for the redskins. jim zorn wanted to see something. jason campbell. so smooth. time in the pocket. goes down the side line. santana moss. gets his feet down. phenomenal catch. 21 yard game. campbell. 4-4. same drive. first and goal. on the 1. marcus mason. georgetown prep. punches it in. the touchdown. first team offense scores the first td of the preseason. 7-0, skins. congratulations. ening drive. tom brady. he is good. the patriots quickly move down the field. parady find his favorite target. moss, he is good. 26 years score. two touchdowns. brady, 12-19. 150 yards. left at halftime. skins trail 14-7. campbell back to pass. finds chris cooley over the middle. the tight end. has tons of room to run. looks for some blockers. gets the blockers. would go all the way down to the six yard line. we're thinking he will score right there. 73 yard catch and run. 13-22. after a penalty. third and goal. all screaming just run it in. he does. boom. game tied at 17. thanks to jason campbell and improvization skills there. third quarter. tied 17. colt brennan in the
has been the play. the players knew what to expect. >> that's jim zorn, the head coach of your washington rekins who will play the steelers tomorrow. albert haynesworth expected to mak dash debut. portisill play but no one said so far how much. >>> and the big news here is stephen strasburg, the new nat and a very wealthy nat. when he'll play in the big leagues is subject to debate. it most certainly won't be this year. they'll send him down to florida and work with the pitching coaches and be in the farm system and hopefully he comes up early next year. a big boost for a franchise that would need one. back to you. >> thank you for that. e >>on> last check of onhedat r because a lot of things go goon >> there is. and feldy was just mentioning the steeler-redskins game could be a little rain and thunderstorm warning for loudoun county. >> and we're back here tonight after the game. have a good night. oh, hi! welcome back to progressive.com! how's that car insurance? great! just bought a house... and you just heard progressive offers homeowner's insurance. yeah! i also heard i co
that rogers condition get ready for game speed. jim zorn says he does not enjoy when he has to cut people from the squad. daniels is hoping to make the roster. he is considered a long shot. brennan still has the upper hand. >>> by saturday, 22 players will have to be cut from the final 53. part of the job greg says he does not enjoy. >> so some guys it is their last chance. they are going to go on to selling insurance or working at wal-mart or whatever the heck it is. go back and get a degree to teach school or whatever but it is the end of the road for them but other guys it is the end of a dream, a life's dream is gone. it is not just business. like you say it is business but you know what it is very, very difficult to take somebody's dream away. >> reporter: two kickers still have a dream. this is one of the biggest competitions. cleveland battling rainer. rainer converted a 25-yard field goal on friday night against the patriots. he missed on friday from 52- yards out and today he made amends. one preseason game left, one kicker has to go. >> it is practice. i'm trying to get ready for the
unconcerned about the injury. after the practice we asked jim zorn what we have. >>it was raining this morning. he slipped. he felt a tweak in his hamstring. he will be fine. not a pull. just a little -- a little knot. >> we don't talk to injuries. that is a team rule. i'm all right. >> okay. >> you are not concerned. >> i'm not concerned. i'm good. just one of those wet mornings and stuff like that. stuff happens. >> meanwhile, stephon higher returned for both practices his sore knee is feeling better. he mainly worked on individual drills. he is planning on being the starting right tackle. one area of strength for the redskins is the secondary. deangelo hall is back for his second full season. he spent the first half of last year in oakland before coming to the redskins prior to week 11. first game in burgundy and gold picked off tony romo. >> to be around these guys and put this jersey on, this is a dream of mine for a while. to come in last season and get the opportunity and sign a long- term deal, to be a red skin for a longtime, it feels good. it feels good. i definitely want to do it fo
. the head coach, jason campbell, jim zorn, yeah he could play back in the day, trust me. santana moss, doing some lunching, lungeing, and they didn't participate there in the scrimmage, but both were ready to participate in this week's practices. and here is a welcome sight to practice. carlos rogers, yeah, back on the field. the calf injury stopped him from practicing last saturday. while he is eager to get back to full doubt, he duty, he started to use his head. >> if i can go, i will go, i can sprint, it is not about holding back. sitting on the sidelines was worse than the hot sun, i would rather be doi that. >> the only thing hotter than the forecast, your washington nationals. talk about a hot streak, they're going for a season high eight wins in a row. jason burgman, adam dunn, that sucker not coming back, 30th of the year for him. bottom of the 3rd. still 2-1, dukes. brian zimmerman from virginia beach, come on, he scores, dukes gets all the way to 2nd. how about the nats? winning again, 9-2, eighth straight win, morton got the first ever win. you get the pie in the face when you do
front. mainly with the offensive line which is started to resemble a mash unit. head coach jim zorn, what do you have. >> handy got a sore knee and he felt like when he tried to really anchor and put a load on it, it was a little bit abrasive. we held him out. mike williams hurt his groin a bit. he has a little muscle bull. stefan hire has a knee -- got banged up in the goal line drill and had -- has a little bruise on his knee. i don't know theextent of it. >> morning practice had coach d digging into the bag of tricks. next target practice hitting the square in the net. the drills are a nice change of pace. >> now another one. a new one. it has a meaningful purpose. he tried to make humor out of it, make it fun. don't make it bothering, have fun with it. that's all he tries to does. >> antwan randle el is being pushed. he is ready to give advice to stay on top. >> the idea toys come in and be ready. you can't use training camp any longer to come in and get in shape. you have to be ready already. as you get older like me, after the young guys that try to take your spot. you want to
-to-back. to which jim zorn replied? >> really, well i'm trying to find the blessing in that. you know i -- i think that is probably a good point. you know we're facing four and then the fth, probably five of the toughest defenses in our first five games and i'm counting the new york giants in that. >> okay. tough to be a rookie these days. in the situation, kevin bargains and hansen, how do they survive? never fear, they had help, and who is going to mess with these guys when they say enough, let them free. preseason, monday night football in new york where the skins open the regular season in less than a month. 17 seconds remaining, nobody wants overtime and nobody will get it. campbell gets hit, hill picks it up, giants win 24-17. tomorrow the skins are back to two-a-days. we'll be at both practices and i'll see you live. the nats have 32 minutes to sign strasberg. we'll be right back. pizza mia, the p'zone... and our personal panormous pizza starting at just $5. the big eat tiny price menu. only at pizza hut. - woooh, nice! - that's a lot of food! now get big meals like our stuffed pizza rolls,
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